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Changing the Rules (Crashing #3)

Their own way ... their own time ... their own rules ...

Alexei has a roommate and it’s not Mike. He also has a whole lot of regrets, but no one wanted the Ice Cats’ brand new back-up goalie to be on his own down the stretch in the playoffs. Anyway, Alexei and Mike have been together a long time. They’re getting married for heaven’s sake. They can go a few nights not sleeping next to each other.

Mike can’t stand not sleeping next to Alexei. He’s not going to complain, because this is the playoffs and he’s a freaking adult, but it turns out sleep deprivation makes him overthink a bunch of stuff he wasn’t planning to think about at all until the off-season. Like, the fact they’ve been engaged for over a year and haven’t set a date.

Mike knows they’re going to spend their lives together. But to get the wedding done? They’re going to have to change some rules…

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