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The Long Game

You can't change the past but you can choose your future.

Jack Chevalier is determined not to let his past define him. He keeps his head down and works hard. He’s not sure how he’s ended up with such great friends, but he’s grateful. Especially for the one man who’s always defied his expectations.

Grady McDonnough has been on his own his entire adult life. He’s got acquaintancesand colleagues and a bachelor pad where he can order take-out to his heart’s content, and that’s enough.  Sure there are things he misses, but he wouldn’t trade being his true self for anything.

Trust has never come easy for Jack, but Grady's been the exception from the moment they met. Now they're close. Hold-your-hand-when-you're-upset kind of close. All-their-mutuals-think-they-should-be-a-couple kind of close. But both men have pasts coming back to haunt them.

Can they let their guards down and allow their relationship to blossom? Or will they keep one another at arm's length and lose the one thing they both desperately want---love?

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