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Out of Her League

Lachlan Morrison’s family likes to tell people that he’s shy, but that’s like saying the sky is sort of blue, or good hockey is just a little bit rough. Lachlan knows perfectly well he’s a social disaster and works hard to humiliate himself as infrequently as possible.

Then Michaela Price, the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on, moves to town, and she needs a friend.

Michaela knows she’s no prize. As a nationally-known disgrace, she’s pretty used to being stared at and having to chase photographers off the neighbors’ roofs. She wouldn’t wish her life on anyone, and certainly has no intention of inflicting herself on poor Lachlan Morrison, who literally cannot speak in her presence.

But then going back to school isn’t what she expected. It turns out her new life is just as lonely as the old version, and she only knows one person in town.

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